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Daronmont has a mature software systems engineering capability, culivated through a decade of technology development projects, such as Surface Wave Radar, Electronic Warfare, and Air Defence Surveillance and Battle Management systems.
The software engineering approach for a particular project will be selected to best match the requirements of the customer. Daronmont's engineering methodolgies allow for flexibility and processes are tailored to meet technology, schedule and/or budget constraints. Below is a brief list of Daronmont's core expertise:
  •  Waterfall, Agile & Iterative development methodologies  
  •  Rapid Concept Prototyping
  •  Databases and meta data management
  •  Graphical User Interfaces (including Web Enabled)  
  •  Real time algorithm development/optimisation
  •  Real time and embedded systems
  •  Multi platforms developments (including Unix/Linux/Solaris, Windows 32/64, VxWorks, embedded processors and Digital Signal Processors (DSP)
  •  Mutliple languages (including C/C++, Java, .Net, C#, XML, Python, scripting, etc)  

Software Capabilities

Daronmonts software capabilities have focussed on a number of speciality areas built up through 100s of projects successfully undertaken since 1998. A summary of these are listed below:

  • Air surveillance command and control systems
  • Display and monitoring solutions
  • Event data analysis
  • Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) and visualisation 
  • Geospatial displays
  • Multi source data fusion and meta data association
  • Simulation
  • Legacy and custom interface integration
  • Cross platform and network architectures 
²Software systems engineering
² Agile & Iterative development
² Rapid Concept Prototyping –
   requirements capture
² Databases and GUIs (incl Web Enabled)
² Real-time algorithm development/optimisation
² Real Time and Embedded Software Systems
² Platforms – Unix/Linux/Solaris, Windows, VxWorks, Embedded / DSP
² Languages – C/C++, Java, C#, XML, scripting etc
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